Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Flab to Fab

Yesterday marked the beginning of my weight loss journey. I will be taking part in a challenge called Flab to Fab. I was not chosen to be an official contestant, but that's ok. I am still able to take part as the blogtourage. Anyone is able to join, just go ahead and go to the site. This challenge will last for the next 8 weeks. From March 29 to May 23. For the challenge, my goal is to lose 15 pounds. Now, let's bring on the stats.

Pictures & Stats
Warning: Ugly pictures ahead 

Before Pictures

Beginning Stats:
Height: 4'11"
Weight: 180 lbs
BMI: 36.35

38" Waist
49" Hips
38" Bust
29" Thigh
15" Upper Arm

I don't have a specific diet plan, but I want to make sure that I eat three meals a day, with one snack in between lunch and dinner, and a dessert after dinner. I am going to keep track of what I eat (starting tomorrow) and stop myself from snacking when I get bored. Right now, its kind of hard to create weekly food menus because we still live at my parents house. My mom is really picky about eating different types of foods and they don't like to buy extra stuff. We should move into a new apartment next week (hopefully Monday). Once we get into the new apartment, I will start creating weekly menus, making it easier for me to track what I eat. I also want to make it a habit to eat meat as an entree no more than four times a week. I am a meat lover, so this will be a little challenging. 

As for my exercise plan, I plan to do Wii Fit for an hour everyday, except for Sunday. I also plan to go to the school gym on Tuesday and Thursday and work on completing Couch to 5k on three days of my choosing. I want to put an extra effort to park far when I go places, always take the stairs (unless there are more than 10 floors), and dance while doing household chores.

To get a better lifestyle, and to get more sleep, I will get off the computer at least one hour before I plan to go to bed. During that hour, I will do quiet, wind down activities, such as reading. I also want to make sure to go to sleep earlier, around midnight or one, so I am able to wake up early.

Every week, on Mondays, I will write a post about my past week's progress. Since this is the beginning of the challenge, I don't have progress for you. I plan to make a digiscrap LO for every week's progress. That way, in the end, I will have a nice, pretty scrapbook documenting my challenge. I need to make a LO for my beginning stats, which I was gonna do today, but didn't have time. I will make sure to get that done tomorrow, along with some other LOs.

If you are trying to lose weight, what are your goals? And how do you plan to achieve them?


Carmen said...

Hi Leilanie. Just discovered your blog via the Flab to Fab page. I'm joining Slimming World tomorrow so will be working right along with you :P

Good luck, you were braver than me with your starting pics - I just about managed to strip down to the vest!

Rachel @ CrazyTown said...

Way to go on setting your goals for the challenge. Can't wait to see your progress.

Evan's Mom said...

I think I need to exercise too. It's been 6 month after delivery and I still look like I'm preggy.

Good luck on your plans (the weight loss, moving and wedding). You must be very excited right now :)

Krissy said...

Woohoo! Way to go! Glad to see you're joining in and can't wait to see what you accomplish!!

(Contestant #3)