Sunday, May 23, 2010

Graduation Planning

I received the invitation to my graduation ceremony last week and mailed in the response card. I am so excited to be graduating! Its been three long years, and I am ready to finish. Oh, and the ceremony date is June 13th! I only have three more class sessions, and then I'm done!

Most of my family lives in Washington but I do have some on the other side of the states. I want to create an announcement to send them to announce my graduation.

I've been looking at these announcements from a company called Storkie. They have AMAZING invitations and announcements. I love the ones with the little cartoons on them.
Like this one ---------->
But at $1.79 a piece, I can't afford it. Especially since they require a 20 quantity mininum. So I thought about making my own graduation announcements, using my digiscrap supplies. Now, what kind of layout? I found four of my faves online. They should be easy to recreate. Which one is your favorite?

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