Thursday, May 6, 2010

I Can Partyy If I Want To

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My birthday is this Saturday. Yay! We are going to Seattle for the weekend and we are gonna party! :]

Here is the plan:
12:00PM - Eat at Dennys for lunch in Bremerton [ I have a free grand slam coupon for my bday! ]
1:00PM - Head out for the drive to Seattle
3:00PM - Check-in to our hotel
4:00PM - Engagement session [ For free! ]
7:00PM - Eat dinner at a French restaurant [ I have a $25 gift certificate! ]
8:00PM - Partyy at the hotel!

The next day:
12:00PM - Eat lunch at a cute little diner [ I have a $10 gift certificate! ]
1:00PM - Spend the day in Seattle, doing whatever [ haven't come up with ideas yet, thinking about Pike Place Market, if its open! ]
6:00PM - Drive back to Bremerton
8:00PM - Watch two movies at the drive-in

Yes, it will be my 21st birthday, but I won't be partying too much. I don't have a designated driver so I have to wait until I get to the hotel to party. But it will only be me and my fiance so not much partying we can do with just us. But it will be fun, either way! :]

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