Thursday, February 18, 2010

Not yet TTC

Even though we aren't officially TTC yet, we aren't preventing either. I was put on the depo shot back in the beginning of 2007. During 2007-2009, I was off and on. I loved the AF (Aunt Flo) never came (while I was on the shot), but hated the fact that it made it irregular when I was off  the shot. Since July 2009, I have been off the shot, and will never go back. I am trying to get my cycle regular again. After the wedding, we will officially start TTC and this blog will turn into a married life/TTC blog.

While in the process of TTC, I will track and chart my cycles and post monthly charts on the blog. But BEFORE we TTC, I still want to start charting my cycles. So, just a warning, I will be posting charts on here, even before the wedding. I won't post anything too gross or detailed (or I was have a warning posted at the top) but I do want to keep my tracking regular, that's why I'm starting this early.

Alright then, back to wedding stuff.

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