Saturday, April 24, 2010

Twilight: Eclipse

I love Twilight. This is such a great year for me. I will be graduating from college, getting married, turning 21, and I get to watch awesome movies. Another good thing is that I live about fours away from Forks, WA. I have a goal to visit it sometime this year, preferably before Eclipse comes out. Or...maybe I can watch Eclipse while I'm in Forks! That would be cool. Go ahead and view this awesome trailer. You'll love it so much, you'll be counting down the days until June 30th, the day it comes out. AND they are showing it at the IMAX theater. I don't think it will be in 3-D, but IMAX has those large screens so it'll be pretty cool. Alright, enough babbling. Watch the trailer, and then go see the movie on June 30th. Anybody live in WA and wanna go visit Forks with me?

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