Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Super Mega Wish List Pt. 1

Yes, I know that I posted my wish lists already, but my favorite shops have added so much more since then! :]
And, this is more for my personal references (so I am able to look at it all together, instead of looking at one shop at a time). Although, you are more than welcome to buy me some, if you'd like! My birthday is coming up! :]

Note: Up ahead there will be pregnancy/birth kits. No, I'm not pregnant, but I'm including these so I can keep track of the ones that I want to buy when I do become pregnant.


Please bare in mind that I will be posting my WHOLE wish lists for Scrap Matters, Elemental Scraps, and Scrap Orchard. Like I said, this is for personal reasons but you are more than welcome to share in my great finds. Or, you can buy me a present! :]

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