Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wedding Date

No, not the movie. Once again, we have decided to push back the wedding date. Our date was getting way too close and we still didn't have anything done. Hopefully this time, we are able to succeed. Our new, and final, date is August 20th, 2011. I really wanted to keep our last date (August 28th) but next year it will be a Sunday, and I don't think that would have worked out too well.

Also, this year, we still plan to do something on our supposed-to-be wedding date. Maybe go out to Seattle for a weekend getaway kinda thing. We plan to get tattoos also. We were gonna get matching tattoos for our wedding, and I thought we were gonna still do that this year, since we can't have the wedding. But Hubby wants to wait to next year to get them for the wedding. That's ok though, more tattoos for me! :]

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